June 9

Why You Need UI/UX Website monitoring

Monitoring your websites UI/UX is Important

Below is a video taken from Microsoft Clarity of a User interacting with this website. Its obvious from the video that the user is interested in getting a website or getting a website updated.

Unfortunately for both us and the User the website is low in content(something we're addressing when we have time away from clients).

We can see that the user stumbles with the Services menu as the dwell time for the menu is open for too short a time and they have to re-open it.

We can also see dwell time where the user is hovering over certain aspects of the pages they do visit looking for clickable areas that would give them more information. After about a minute the user clicks off our site and goes elsewhere. To us a lost customer but this is an important lesson to take note of.

If your website doesnt provide the right type of content at the right time then that potential customer will goes where they can get what they need.

It also shows that a few sessions of monitoring User eXperience(UX) on your websites User Interface (UI) can help you correct UI/UX issues and potentially keep those customers that once may have been lost.

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