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About Us

DDMS is The Top Marketing Firm in the UK.

DDMS offers the UK a complete platform of digital marketing services designed to provide options for businesses of every size and structure. We saw that many businesses faced the problem of seeking out multiple agencies to fulfil their various needs when they simply weren't getting results from one strategy to the next. We listened to customers to learn how they were being let down and set with the mission of doing something different. We are proud to not only offer every type of digital advertising service, but to provide near-instantaneous solutions for many of the hurdles slowing your advancement in the digital world.

Services We Offer for the UK

A Digital Solution for Every Industry.

DDMS offers a complete platform of digital marketing services. Instead of searching for multiple companies to deliver high-quality projects, learn how our unified team of experts delivers comprehensive marketing services that synergize and deliver unparalleled results for your business.

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SEO Magnifier


Ultimate only visibility and exposure awaits you with superior website optimization and search engine marketing solutions.


Get your business info directly into the hands of local customers who want to find you with our all-in-one listings manager.

Google Ads IIcon

Google Ads

Direct your target demographic straight to your products and services through powerful PPC ads on first-tier search engines.

Social Posting

Where there's a phone, there's a way. Dominate your social media pages with posts curated to your industry.

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Facebook Ads

Begin generating leads and sales within days from intricate Facebook campaigns.


Start pumping out blog articles, location or product pages, and more to stimulate interest in your company.

Industry Leader

Our team shares over 35 years of shared experience in the marketing industry. Our veterans know how to overcome any hurdle, no matter the industry.

Quality Guaranteed

Our company is only as good as our most recent successes. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding results for every client whether you're a mom and pop store or a Fortune 500 company.

Ongoing Support

When you work with us, you're part of the family. Our experts will be on standby every day to work with you and answer all of your questions and concerns. You always get the last say with your campaign.

Our professionals stop at nothing to provide excellent digital marketing solutions.

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We previously had a very simple web page on Google pages, DDMS took our simple page and expanded it in to a beautiful site that includes online booking and management. We're over the moon with our new site.

Evolve Salons Director

DDMS exceeded all expectations and has taken our website from appearing nowhere on Google to number 1 for our relevant keywords.

Incredible, hands-on service. We had more new leads in the first month than we knew what to do with.

CEO @ Media Knows

Quality ad creatives and high-performing campaigns every time. I can't recommend them enough.

James London CEO @Freshee